DesignSuite AI Honest Review – Should You Buy in 2023? Details

Content Creation SAAS Tool

For Digital content creators, marketers, business proprietors, and educators who’ve harnessed the power of platforms like KDP, Teachable, and Udemy to scale their ventures into thriving million-dollar successes, DesignSuite AI is a game-changer in content creation

This innovative tool effortlessly crafts captivating content, from eBooks to lead funnels, all with the magic touch of AI.

Join me on a journey that’s set to redefine your content creation game, making it easy and efficient while enhancing lead funnel management and empowering your marketing efforts.

How does Design Suite AI transform content creation and marketing for content creators, potentially leading to million-dollar successes?

Explore how Design Suite AI streamlines content creation and takes your endeavors to the next level.

DesignSuite AI: Solution to All content creation challenges

Five Challenges faced by content creators today

1. Creating quality content is painstaking and expensive

2. Outsourcing content creation typically cost hundreds per e-book, accumulating thousands over time.

3. Post content creation, marketing comes with a huge cost and is expensive too.

4. Setting up compelling leads funnel, driving targeted traffic, making sale of your info products ( e book, reports, etc.) is a time consuming process.

5. Content creators face a lot of issue due due to search engines frequently updating their algorithms, affecting content visibility.

There are many more problems apart from that, I just highlighted the five prominent ones. Now the next obvious question, do we have solution to all of these problems.

The answer is yes and Design Suite AI  provides solution to all your content creation issues.

Why DesignSuite AI should be used for content creation?

In one word, it’s an end to end solution for all of the problems discussed above. It’s a game- changing, cloud based “AI-Powered GPT-4” design and content creation suite that’s set to redefine the industry.

With just a single keyword of your chosen niche, this ground breaking technology will instantly craft stunning E-Books, beautiful interactive Flipbooks, and in depth reports, within no time for you.

Four Pillars of Design Suite AI

  1. Design Suite AI Dual-Builder Engines: Powered with Instant Builder and Pro Builder, the heart of Design Suite AI’s content creation, any content creator, solopreneur or a marketer can design top quality detailed guides, eBooks, in-depth reports in no time. They just need to do few clicks and put their niche keyword and wait for the magic to happen. 
  1. Robust Lead Capture & Delivery System: Here you can easily build your own high-converting lead funnel using Design Suite AI’s  integrated funnel builder and lead magnet delivery system.
  1. Traffic Generation System: For new and not so established content creators, generating traffic is a pain. In order to minimize it, Design Suite AI will push the pedal and drive targeted traffic to your lead funnel 100% FREE, ensuring your eBooks, reports or flip books get the eyeballs they deserve.
  1. Conversion & Promotions System: After capturing the leads, though Design Suite AI, you can directly exports the leads and introduce them with your other eBook titles, reports, guides or cross promote offers seamlessly

How does the application work?

Just click on this official demo video to find more about these cool brand new AI application 

The video also helps us to discover the 4-Step Power Process of Design Suite AI!

Step 1: Content creation

Craft stunning eBooks using either of its  two powerful builder engines, access a vast library of DFY eBooks, or simply request an eBook tailored to your needs.

Step 2: Lead Capture

Use our DFY lead funnel system to rapidly build your email list, or set up captivating lead funnels with our integrated Landing Page and Opt-in Form Builders.

Step 3: Traffic and Promotion

Amplify your reach by driving traffic to your funnels using the Done-for-you Ads and the dynamic Social Media Scheduler, Viral Dashboard.

Step 4: Profit Generation & Expansion

Convert traffic into leads and sales, then export these leads for further engagement. 

What ten things will you finally achieve while using Design Suite  AI?

1. Build Brand Authority

2. Generate More Leads

3. Generate Revenue

4. Drive Quality Traffic

5. Repurpose Content Efficiently

6. Expand Reach and Engagement

7. Unmatched Versatility

8. Save Time and Money

9. Zero Learning Curve

10. Priority Support

I am sure many of you might have found the product very interesting by now, so lets dig more about the product and understand about it’s pricing details mentioned below.

Feature Wise Comparision of DesignSuite AI with its closest competitors

FeaturesDesignSuite AISqribbleDesignrr
Create e-booksYESYESYES
Create e-booksYESYESYES
Create ReportsYESYESYES
Create FlipbooksYESYESYES
Chat GPT – AI Writer (Write a complete ebook by just a keyword)YESNONO
Collection CreatorYESNONO
Password Protect eBOOKYESNONO
Export PDF to – 5 Formats (Word, PPT, HTML, XML, Flipbook)YESNONO
BoxShot DesignerYESNONO
Dual Builder Engines (Instant & Pro Builder)YESNONO
AI generated ImagesYESNONO
Millions of Royalty Free ImagesYESNONO
200+ eBook TemplatesYESYESNO
Watermarks to PDFYESNONO
50+ Niche Template CategoriesYESNONO
Price($37- $47) One Time$ 44$ 324 per year

While doing feature to feature comparision I could easily figure out DesignSuite AI offers a variety of feature with a affordable price. Whereas it’s two competitors- Sqribble and Designrr is not that feature rich and doesn’t have a transparent pricing structure.

Sqribble and Designrr mostly focuses on creating E-books whereas with the help of DesignSuite AI, you will be able to not only create E-Books but also flipbboks, build lead funnels that will eventually boost the income generation capacity of content creators like you.

Pricing Details

Take a risk-free 30-Day Money- Back guarantee as you have nothing to loose!

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I am pretty confident, that this product will work wonders for you to achieve your content creation goal.

If you’re not satisfied with the simplicity, time-saving features, and impressive results, the company will be glad to provide a full refund, no questions asked. Your satisfaction is going to be the ultimate priority for them.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes absolutely! The product comes with a Money-Back guarantee.
In case you are not happy or satisfied, go ahead and reach out to and they will help you in processing a refund. So you need not worry.

Q2: Does This Work On Both Mac & PC?

Yes, it works both on MAC and PC because DesignAI Studio operates in the cloud which makes it compatible.

Q3: How Many Ebooks, Reports or Flipbooks Can I Create?

It allows you to create unlimited number of ebooks, reports, and flipbooks. You can bid goodbye to expensive designers and content marketing services.

Q4: How Many Templates Are Included?

You will get almost 200+ beautiful templates covering 50+ popular niche categories. They are perfect for all your content needs and super easy to use.

Q5: Can I Sell The Ebooks, Reports and Flipbooks I Create With DesignSuiteAI?

Certainly! If you have a commercial license, you can make money with your creations by selling, offering services, or promoting on platforms.

Q6: Is There Any Training Included?

Yes certainly we provide training in the form of step-by-step videos. They are detailed and within no time customers will become fully hands on with DesignAI Studio.

Q7: Do You Charge Any Monthly Fees?

Customers can can grab DesignSuiteAI for a one-time cost for a limited time. They are going to come up with monthly subscription service very soon.

Q8: What File Types Does It Export?

DesignSuiteAI’s offer extensive range of export possibilities, which encompass PDF, Word, Presentations, Images, HTML, and XML formats. This guarantees the customization of content to suit diverse platforms and objectives, allowing for an unparalleled creative edge.

Q9: How Do I Get Support?

Customers are fully taken care of when they are faced with challenges. They can reach out to the dedicated support team at for any questions or concerns. Assistance is just an email away!

Client Testimonials
This image talks about an digital content creation product

Overall, I feel DesignSuite AI seems to be a good bet for content creators. Whether it’s a digital marketer trying to create awesome digtal marketing campaigns, or a business owner building a lead funnel, or even a teaching faculty creating educational materials it does the hard work with ease and no difficulty.

With 30 day money back guarantee, I feel there is nothing to loose with atleast giving a run through of the whole product.

Test this compelling product and save your precious time and money!